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Welcome to our website!!

We are a warm and  loving Church with a caring congregation. We are a family focused  Church seeking to reach those in our community and beyond.  We are delighted to send an invitation for you to come along and become part of our ​Church family.
Please join us:​

​Sundays @ 10:00a.m & 11:00a.m

Soup Kitchen

Please feel free to join us every WEDNESDAY From 5;30 PM for a free meal. Please bless someone by letting them know they are also invited. 
God Bless You!!

The Power of God
Bible study
Under the leadership and teachings of our very own Pastor, Dr, Negbenebor, our church family has been witnessing the Power of God's Mighty Hands in a variety of fashion! Thus allowing us to declare and spread to the world that God has a purpose and it is His will for all to walk therein.

We will be glad to have you join us every WEDNESDAY at 6:30pm for Bible study, we discuss freely, answer challenging questions and most importantly grow spiritually for a righteous living!!